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Orinoco Delta
Enjoy the impressions of the lively, tropical jungle, separated by hundreds of snake-like rivers and branches, which let the Orinoco Delta become an outstanding wetland experience.
Day 1
Around 10:30 you arrive in the port of San Jose de Buja. Here our tour begins into the Orinoco Delta. We will negotiate our way through the river on our journey to the Orinoco Eco Camp. On the way you can see water hyacinth, pink dolphins, giant river otters, snakes, and side neck turtles. Along the riverbanks you will see Indian villages. After lunch we take a boat and explore the surrounding jungle. We will take you through some of the small channels inside the delta where you can get a feel for the natural habitat. There are macaws, toucans, howler monkeys, dolphins and butterflies with a variety of colours. Towards the end of this trip we will stop the boat at an ideal location and serve some refreshments as you enjoy a beautiful sun setting on the horizon of the Orinoco delta. After sunset we take you back to the camp for dinner. There will be an option for a night trip to search the nocturnal world of alligators and snakes.
Day 2
In the morning, after breakfast we take a full day travelling around the delta by boat. We will visit the Warao Indians and learn about this native South American tribal community. After a light lunch, a Warao guide will locate an ideal place in the jungle where you will take a walk and get a feeling of life inside this unforgiving environment. At sunset we will return to the camp for dinner.
Day 3
Early in the morning we are often woken by the calls of howler monkeys communicating across the jungle. At this time we will give you the chance to go on the river in a hand crafted dugout canoe. Here we will give you oars and a pilot to assist you in a short venture where you can experience the dawning of a sunrise on the Orinoco delta. This is a time when the environment prepares itself for the coming heat of the sun and is often the best time to observe the wildlife. Our camp is the only camp located on a natural reserve and inside virgin jungle. After breakfast we will take you to see this landscape. Here you will get the chance to visit a small farm and increase your perspective of the delta environment. You can observe a different wildlife including egrets, water buffalo, horn screamers, black ibis etc. We serve lunch and after a short rest we return to San Jose de Buja.
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