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Seeing all our tours it is easy for you to put your Venezuela trip together on your own. Anyway we give you here the option of 3 different packages.

This arrangements we are offering are mostly for people who have limited time and want to see as much as possible without loosing time in searching transport and accommodation. Also these offers are a good indicator to get an idea over the costs in Venezuela. The prices will be nearly the same when you organize the same trip on your own. We reserve seats in comfortable overnight buses on long trips or plan public transports when it is possible. We organize private transfers (for example "Airportshuttle") only when it is impossible or very difficult to travel "cheap".

Also all our packages are individual. What means everywhere you can stay longer as indicated in the package if you book it in advance.
Package 1: Urwald und Meer, 14 days Puerto Colombia: 199 Euro from /to Caracas Airport
Choroni and the harbor Puerto Colombia are two lovely and pittoreske colonial villages and "Playa Grande" (a few minutes from Puerto Colombia) is "one of the best beaches in western Venezuela" with shady palmtrees till the shore but without any building. You can reach this Beauty only after passing the 54 kilometer long and winded road trough the rainforest of the oldest Nationalpark Venezuelas (Parque Henri Pittier).

Your posada the "Casa Luna" is a small and cosy Posada with only 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen for the guests, Hammocks, Sitting areas and Television, a roof terrasse and a well equipped book shell with books in different languages. She has a very central place in Puerto Colombia directly located at the Bus- and Taxi stop. Here you find also the "Tourist Information", who is run by Claudia.

The package includes besides 14 overnights a day trip into the national park Henri Pittier und eine Boat trip to the village of "the best cocoa of the world" Chuao. Of course also our Airport shuttle is included in this price.
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